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Etta’s, Pike Place, Seattle: An Almost Made Up Love Story

Etta’s, Pike Place, Seattle: An Almost Made Up Love Story | The Seattle Siren

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Goddesses by The Seattle Siren

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Goddesses | The Seattle Siren

Women Like It On Top


Sex isn’t the same as it used to be. My generation of women would laugh at the thought of the missionary position for eternity. Men have been on top for long enough. Women, now more than ever, take charge of their sexuality. So, where is our Christina Grey? Our Hankie Moody? For fuck’s sake give me Huga Hefner. The time is now. I can already hear your grumblings…blah, blah, blah, those men degrade women and treat them like sex objects, blah, blah, blah. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, yet. Unless that turns you on.

Imagine a world where women are powerful in the work force, make their own money and create their own lives, independent of men. Sound familiar? That’s because the industrial world is becoming just that. Certainly, there are still women that stay at home to raise the kids, sacrificing their careers for the greater good of the family. Meanwhile, the husband holds the burden of bringing home the dolla-dolla-bills-y’all. Sure, he throws his betrothed some change for the occasional new dress and for a night out, with his permission dancing with the lay-days, hey-eyyy. I’m pretty sure that’s called an allowance. Meanwhile, women in that cooperative situation are probably doing all of the cooking, cleaning, child rearing and necessary mouth exercises for the regular blow-jobs required as part of their wife-ly duties. Open wide. They married for love but ended up a non-profit. So, what will happen to the woman whose husband runs off with his secretary because she actually likes sucking his cock? At that point, everyone’s fucked. Everyone’s fucked because it isn’t a level playing field. The self-sufficient, sexually uninhibited woman is here and she’s going to steal your husband. But seriously…

My aunt told me once: you will never be happy in a relationship if your happiness depends upon the man. She said that if her husband left her she would be fine.* What?!?! Once upon a time, I didn’t understand what she meant. But I do, now. All humans need to be self-sufficient. Sure, we need love and sex and comfort but we need to know how to give it to ourselves. We are the keepers of our own medicine, and I’m not just referring to masturbation. Can you feed yourself, clothe yourself, put a roof over your head? If you can, you feel personal power and personal power is necessary for great sex.

So what I am saying ladies is this: build your own life. Follow a career. Go to school. Be creative. Get married and stay home if that’s what you want. Whatever drives your personal power, because in that space you will reach a new level of sexuality that will have you eyeing the stock boy with the strong biceps at Whole Foods in a new way. Trust me. Today’s modern woman knows what she wants in the bedroom and isn’t afraid to go after it.

Remember, the world is your aphrodisiac-oyster and every woman deserves to be on top.

*(Thank you,Aunt Pati, for your wise words).

She’s Trying to Steal My Soul

The Raven gets raw.
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The Seattle Siren | City musings from a small town, 30-something girl

How to Survive the Commute on I-5

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Huge metal crickets sing me to sleep in this new city I now call home. The great wheel outside my window gives a nightly psychedelic light show, my very own kaleidoscope by the sea. I watch the ferries come: in, out, in out. They are as rhythmic as the waves. And I take special joy in the smell of saltwater & concrete. I have lived in peaceful, serene environments. Not today. But I know, now, how to create that space anywhere and at anytime. Inside of me is a quiet lake, deep and cleansing. Saged-desert hills are filed away in my psyche like a catalogued film that I can watch anytime. My heart, a chamber-pulsing every tender moment of love. The city called me to her and I followed into the oceanic abyss of the unknown. I followed the siren’s call, not to my death, as you may misunderstand the siren…I followed her call,
to my morphosis.


How naive of me to think of you as anything,
other than water.